Current Students

Izaro Bedialauneta-Txurruka

  • PhD student in Hispanic Linguistics with a concentration in Romance Linguistics.

Robin Turner

  • PhD student in French Linguistics with concentration in Romance Linguistics
  • Dissertation project (in progress)

Former Graduates


Ander Beristain (Assistant Professor, Saint Louis University)

  • Dissertation project: The acquisition of acoustic and aerodynamic patterns of coarticulation in second and heritage languages. (Co-directors: Dr. José I. Hualde and Dr. Ryan Shosted)

Gyula Zsombok (Assistant Professor, Middlebury College)

  • Dissertation project: Language Policy or Language Police? The Social Dynamics of Lexical Innovation in France and Québec. (Co-directors: Dr. Zsuzsanna Fagyal and Dr. Joseph Roy)

Matthew Maddox (Lecturer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

  • Dissertation project: Cycles of agreement: Romance clitics in diachrony (Director: Dr. Jon MacDonald)

Jessica A. Nicholas (Foreign Languages Lead Teacher for Bloomington Public Schools District 87)

  • Dissertation project: Social and learner-specific factors in the acquisition of nativelike phonetic contrasts by study abroad students in Paris, France (Co-directors: Dr. Zsuzsanna Fagyal and Dr. Aurore Mroz)

Justin Davidson (Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley)

  • Dissertation project: Social dynamics of Catalan-Spanish contact in the evolution of Catalonian Spanish (Director: Dr. Anna María Escobar)

Mariana Nadeu (CIREP Coordinator Research Service, Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

  • Dissertation project: The effects of lexical stress, intonational pitch accent, and speech rate on vowel quality in Catalan and Spanish (Director: Dr. José I. Hualde)

Miquel Simonet (Associate Professor, University of Arizona)

  • Dissertation project: Language contact in Majorca: An experimental sociophonetic approach (Director: Dr. José I. Hualde)