RMLG 435 Introduction to Romance Linguistics 4
RMLG 559 Sem Romance Ling (3 courses on different topics) 12
Two 400- or 500-level courses in the linguistics of other Romance languages and/or in general linguistics, as approved by the student’s advisor 8
Language Requirement:
Reading knowledge or completion of two semester language courses with a minimum grade of B in two Romance languages other than the student’s major language, or an equivalent approved by the Romance Linguistics Advisory Committee. (Language courses taken to satisfy this requirement do not count towards the total number of hours.)
Total Hours 24

Other Requirements:

A dissertation or thesis in the area of Romance Linguistics. It must include significant research on at least 2 Romance languages. Whether this requirement is satisfied is determined by the Romance Linguistics Advisory Committee. We expect that a member of one of the cooperating departments external to the student’s home department will normally be a member of the student’s dissertation committee.

In addition to the graduate concentration requirements, students must also complete the requirements of their major degree. All hours taken to complete the Concentration in Romance Linguistics count toward the Ph.D.s in Linguistics, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese. Sixteen of the proposed twenty-four concentration hours will count towards coursework for the Ph.D. in French.